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Do you struggle with pricing your handmade products?

Master the art (and science) of pricing your handmade products for wholesale success. 

When I first started selling my jewelry, I had no idea how to price my pieces. In fact, when I look back at what I was selling my necklaces at I cringe because I know how much time I spent on them and how little I ended up making. Fortunately, it didn't take me long to wise up to my mistakes and I began to scour the internet for more information, but all I could find was the same formula over and over and over again. You know the one...

(Labor + Materials) x 2 = Wholesale Price x 2 = Retail Price

Now, if you're not serious about your business then this formula is fine for pricing stuff to throw on Etsy and hope you make a few dollars. But since you're here reading this I suspect you are in fact serious about your business and are looking for a better way, a way that doesn't leave money on the table (and out of your pockets). 

I've spent the last three years honing my pricing strategy and calculations and now I'm ready to share it all with you. Don't waste another precious minute of your time trying to figure it out for yourself, because on May 8th, I'll be answering your questions about pricing live in this exclusive online master class. 

"How to Accurately Price Your Products....
And Make More Money!"

I'm hosting this class in conjunction with my friends at Handmade Business magazine and I couldn't be more excited! 

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

There is no way I can sell my products for 50% off - I would go out of business!

If I raise my prices, no one will buy from me because I'm so expensive. 

Most of my competitors are priced at $X so I can't possibly go higher than that. 

It didn't take me that long/cost that much to make it, how could I justify charging more?

I rarely put my items on sale because if I do I'll lose money.

I feel like I'm constantly working but I'm still struggling to grow my business. 

Anyone can learn how to make this, I'd feel like I'm ripping people off if I charge that

If you found yourself saying "yup, I've definitely said that", you're in the right place! I also struggled with valuing my work appropriately. I also worrying that no one would buy it if I priced it where I needed to - but guess what? You can have a successful business while pricing your products what they are worth!

In fact, I can tell you that you will actually have more time (because you won't be on the production hamster wheel) and you will make more money once you get your prices where they need to be. Win-win, am I right?

Enroll now to get your copy today!

We hosted a live pricing master class, but don't worry if you missed it because we recorded it! We're making the recording (which was jam-packed with pricing know-how and listener questions) available to you now, along with all the handouts and bonus materials the live attendees received so you can watch it on your own schedule and at your own convenience.

Here's everything we are going to cover in this exclusive Master Class

Understanding Your Expenses

1. Why the "cost+materials x2" formula could lead your right out of business.

2. What exactly is "overhead" and how do you calculate it?

3. Different situations that arise with material expenses in a handmade business, how to account for them, and how to optimize them.

Charging What You're Really Worth

1. Learn how much you should really be paying yourself as an hourly wage and how to incorporate it into your pricing.

2. How to account for production assistance in you pricing as your business grows and you begin to outsource production.

3. Discover how to get off of the production "hamster wheel" and spend more time on your business than in it.

4. See how pricing and branding go hand in hand to create a perceived value for your product line, and how raising your prices could lead to increased sales.

Setting Wholesale Prices To Prime You For Success

1. Learn all the components that should be included in your wholesale pricing so that you don't lose money on the sale.

2. Understand the difference between markup and profit, and the use of keystone and triple keystone pricing.

3. What to do if you find that your wholesale prices don't align with the market. (Spoiler alert: there's more than one right answer!)

4. Explore how raising the prices on even just a portion of your line can have dramatic impacts on your bottom line.

Who Am I?

Adrianne S Headshot

Hi there! I'm Adrianne, and I started my business, YIMI Jewelry, on Etsy in 2014. I was also a graduate student at the time, and had limited time to devote to my business so I quickly shifted to focusing on wholesale for my primary revenue source.

I learned the hard way (i.e. hours of reading, experimentation, and lost profits) the importance and strategy of having solid wholesale pricing. Since I shifted my pricing, my business makes me more money, even though I'm selling a lower volume of products at wholesale! I'm sharing what I learned with you so you don't have to learn the hard way too. 

Want to know how this wholesale pricing master class will transform your business ? After completing this course you'll ...

Understand the difference between markup and margin, and why you should price for wholesale before retail and not the other way around

Be able to calculate all the overhead costs and other expenses that go into producing your products

Know exactly what to price every item in your collection for maximum profitability and sustainability

Feel confident in your pricing because you know exactly why you have set that price and why you're worth it

Act Now To Get Access To This Awesome On-Demand Pricing Master Class

Watch (or re-watch) on your own time, at your own convenience with

But wait, there's more...

Ha ha, but seriously!

As an added bonus, everyone who purchases this course will also be getting a copy of my brand-new Deluxe Pricing Calculator Spreadsheet.

This calculator takes the original Wholesale Pricing Calculator to an 11 so you're definitely going to want to get your hands on it.

AdrianneElayne Product Image (8)

Features Include:

Overhead cost calculator and expense tracker with fixed cost, percentage cost, and hourly burn cost options

Customizable materials index with a breakdown of the cost per unit of material (your choice for unit) 

Cost of goods calculator to track materials costs per product (for single and batched products) 

Wholesale and retail pricing calculator with customizable overhead costs, margins, and retail markups. 

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